Computer Science

Taught by Mrs. Dena Feldman

A picture is worth 1000 words


Information processing and study skills.

  • Incorporate Inspiration software to our note taking and studying tools to help organize our thoughts and facts.
  • Using Webbing and Venn design to clarify information to make memorization easier.

Word Processing

  • Use Word2007 to create professional reports, letters and documents.
  • Import graphics
  • Format text
  • Text wrapping

Informative Presentations

  • Master PowerPoint slideshow   software with transitions and animations.
  • Use these skills to present facts in a more up to date format.
  • Use skills with informal  family photos and clips

Continuing Graphic Arts Course

  • Entering the world of Adobe Photoshop
  • Empowering creativity
  • Photo Collages
  • Restoring and correcting of photos.
  • Brochures and reports

Spreadsheets and Excel

  • Entering the world of Microsoft Excel
  • Learning  to utilize  formulas to analyze data and do calculations
  • Using Charts and  Tables to clarify facts from science or History
  • Set Up a project and analyze the costs and profits
  • Learn to mail merge

Course requirements:

  1. Every student works respectfully on her networked laptop computer.
  2. Students are marked by completion of assignments according to the rubric of instructions that they receive with each assignment.
  3. Students must properly save  and complete each project in their assigned folder.
  4. Creativity and content will be assessed by the subject matter teacher (i.e., history, English)  who assigned the report, as well as the  computer instructor.

I am looking forward to teaching your daughters focused computer skills necessary for their education and future endeavors.  I hope to create an interactive and cooperative   environment   that will enhance the learning of today, while graphically envisioning the past and readying the students for the workplace of the future.  Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns.