Bnos Yaakov offers girls a stimulating and enriched General Studies education with an emphasis on thinking, writing, reading, science and technological skills. To encourage enthusiasm for learning in our students, Bnos Yaakov believes in a variety of learning methods, such as dynamic lecture Q & A, cooperative learning, small and large group work, and interdisciplinary teaching. In our efforts to create a well balanced student, Bnos Yaakov motivates students to learn rigorously and creatively. This serves to develop articulate students who become critical thinkers and problem solvers, a necessary component in navigating today’s world. All students are encouraged to make connections from their academic subjects to real life.


At Bnos Yaakov, every girl is expected to become a proficient writer. The entire English staff adheres to the NWP (national writing program) where girls are instructed how to write through writing workshops. Girls are taught how to write essays, short stories, plays, poetry, humorous pieces, children’s books, historical fiction, persuasive essays, op-ed articles, term papers, as well as research papers. Girls learn and practice in class – under the teacher’s supervision – how to brainstorm, write, revise, rewrite, edit and publish. In depth application of grammar, vocabulary and editing skills in writing is stressed. Girls complete each grade with a portfolio of her best work. Upon graduating, students will have learned how to express themselves with clarity and ease in personal, expository and creative writing.

Students will read European and American literature in a variety of formats, such as classic novels, short stories, plays and  poetry. Students will analyze and discuss literature through reading logs, class discussion and literature groups.

Oral Communication Skills
Girls will be encouraged to extend and use an expanded vocabulary in speech and writing. They will learn excellent communication skills and have public speaking courses.

In all history courses, emphasis is on primary source material along with assigned secondary sources and an awareness of current political and economic issues. Classes are conducted to encourage maximum student to student discussion. Students hone their writing and analytical skills and are required to write a research paper employing a comparative approach at the end of the sophomore or junior year. All courses stress the importance of cogent writing, critical thinking and the analysis of concepts. Mastery of factual material and the ability to discuss and debate the events that have shaped and are shaping the modern world and the Jewish nation are also emphasized.

Scientific understanding and knowledge of the physical and biological principles of the way the world operates have become increasingly important. Members of society who understand the complexities and interrelationships of the scientific disciplines can make intelligent use of this knowledge to improve the human condition. Nutrition and general healthy lifestyle habits will be emphasized throughout the four school years. Physics, biology, and chemistry will be taught through a variety of teaching styles such as lecture, group work, lab study, computer simulations and end of term projects.

Students are required to take two years of math. Algebra and Geometry give students the tools to analyze and explore mathematical  patterns found within our daily experiences.  Courses focus on understanding math as both a language and a logic system, and there is an emphasis on the application of mathematical principles to the solutions of real life problems. Technological applications, such as Geometer’s Sketchpad and calculator-based graphing, serve to deepen our students’ understanding of sophisticated mathematical concepts. An optional year of advanced algebra and trigonometry will further prepare students for the SAT exams, as well as for Calculus and college level mathematics. Alternatively, accounting will prepare students to enter the workforce with useful and valued skills.

Since our society has become increasingly dependent on the flow of information utilizing technology, students must demonstrate skill in computing in order to graduate. They meet this requirement by taking and passing two out of four years of computer science. The curriculum will include instruction in several important applications, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Adobe Photoshop. In addition, teachers from other departments will integrate their course work with that of the computer class, giving the students several opportunities to use their computing skills in a practical manner.

All students are required to take a minimum of two years of Spanish. This course concentrates on building language skills including vocabulary, grammar, oral and written expression on an advanced level. The study of short stories and other literary works develop students’ analytical and creative abilities. Students will also take three years of Hebrew language.

Bnos Yaakov values creative expression and art. Students learn and practice the elements of art through Studio Art projects, which includes design principles, drawing, sketching, and use of charcoal, pastels, and water color.

Health education and nutritional guidance will be emphasized throughout high school. Our gymnastics program will include team games, various kind of exercises, including aerobics, back and strength training and personalized exercise programs. Our home economics class will integrate Halacha and promote healthy lifestyle choices through delicious, healthy cooking and baking classes for everyday, Shabbos and Yom Tov.