Limudei Kodesh

Today’s society is often in direct conflict with the Torah way of life. It is more important than ever for schools to provide a safe, nurturing, inspirational haven for our girls. Girls should be surrounded all day with Torah ideals and values to combat the pressing forces of our increasingly materialistic and technological society. It is important for our Bnos yisroel to have both the knowledge and understanding of the Mitzvos they must perform. These are the years in which our girls’ character is formed, in which she consolidates her Midos and internalizes the teachings of school and home. It is important that a warm partnership exist between the school and the home and that both impart harmonious values.

Our girls, with their warm hearts and active minds need a dynamic education to challenge them to discover their abilities, maximize their potential and feel a real sense of accomplishment. Our Hebrew curriculum will focus on enriching our students’knowledge of Torah and Hashkafos, improving their learning and textual skills, refining their Midos and connecting Torah lessons to their world. Simultaneously, emphasis will be placed on developing creativity and encouraging personal growth in our students.