Taught by Mrs. Rhine

In addition to academics, Bnos Yaakov believes in providing creative outlets for the girls to express themselves and develop in all areas. Towards this end, they believe in incorporating a strong G.O./Extracurricular presence in the school with opportunities for all girls to engage in activities, such as dance, music, art, drama, mini-productions, Shabbatons and chagigas.


The G.O. program is designed to allow the girls many different mediums for growth and expression. Extracurricular include all girls, shy or outgoing.  Within the first month of school, girls have been hard at work with creative projects.  Girls worked to create our student newsletter complete with graphics.   Our newly decorated bulletin board enhances our hallways.

The following are major extracurricular activities that the different girls are assigned and expected to take charge of or be part of:

  • Rosh Chodesh Assemblies special speakers, songs, wkshps, presentations
  • In Town Shabbaton :   theme, baking, choirs, dances, costumes, placing homes, workshops, Kabbalos Shabbos, Shalosh Seudos, Melave Malke programs, printing program itinerary, etc.
  • Out of Town Shabbaton:  similar activities to In Town Shabbos, but more details may be involved.
  • Chanukah Chagiga  Theme, decorating the gym, creating a program of music, dance, slide shows.
  • Purim Chagiga   (similar to Chanuka Chagiga activities)
  • Student Newsletters   Girls assemble a collection of news, events, interviews, jokes, riddles, journal entries, pictures, upcoming events, opinion piece and chesed journal entries.  This involves writing, extensive layout, editing, cropping and printing.

The G.O. program does much to contribute to the joy and camaraderie that permeates the school. More exciting programs and activities are in the planning stages, each one offering the girls opportunities to learn and develop while having a fantastic time, and creating lasting memories.

Parents should note that all extracurricular activities are educational endeavors as many of the activities involve writing, art, planning, time management and organizational skills. Girls learn to start a project, work well with others, attend to details and complete things on time.  These are valuable lifelong skills they keep forever.

Every other month, Bnos Yaakov schedules educational, inspiring or just enjoyable trips for the girls to participate in out of school experiences.

Bnos Yaakov believes that special guest lecturers make an  impact on the girls.  Their exposure to inspirational people and their incredible stories add to the overall development of the students.  Speakers include Rabbanim, guest lecturers from Eretz Yisroel, women role models and heads of chesed and other organizations.

The goal of Bnos Yaakov’s Chesed Program is to encourage the girls to explore a variety of  volunteering opportunities throughout their four years in high school. We want the girls to find an area of chesed that they connect to and dedicate themselves to, hopefully for life! Some areas of chesed that the girls have signed on with is:  helping mothers with young children, helping mothers with special needs children, visiting the elderly or homebound, packaging food for needy families, tutoring young students, connecting with special education high school girls and Be’er Hagolah students.  Many of these valuable opportunities provide a practical direction for jobs  or volunteer efforts the girls may wish to pursue upon graduating.

In addition to “Out-Chessed,” girls are required to help regularly in their own homes. This branch of the program is no less stressed than doing chesed outside their  homes. In fact, we teach the girls that “Chesed begins at home.” Accordingly, girls must record their “In-Chesed,” and are graded on both “out” and “in” chesed.

Girls are required to do a minimum of two hours of chesed (in and out)   a week.  They are required to record their chesed hours and experiences in a chesed Log.  The chesed Log is a compilation of the girl’s feelings and reflections on the chassadim that they have performed. These are to be turned in every month.  Some heartfelt pieces will be published in our student newsletter, so other students learn from and perhaps become inspired to try out different chassadim.

Parents are requested to call with any questions or concerns regarding the chesed program.  Bnos Yaakov is committed to accommodating the needs of the families in our school first and foremost.

Bnos Yaakov believes in creating small and major productions.  Girls are encouraged to create songs, dances, skits and help with all the props and and general production.

The production’s main function is to allow girls to express their natural talents and for making longlasting friendships through an informal setting.  There are ,    of course , many other benefits that occur such as developing organizational , communication and negotiation skills, as well as  learning how to start and finish a project .  Last, but not least, it is an opportunity for the girls to express all their creativity as well as make a Kiddush Hashem with a play that imparts an important and inspiring Jewish message!

Please feel free to contact anyone below regarding any input or concerns on any of our programs,

-Mrs. Rhine  (G.O. Coordinator)
-Mrs. Brach  (Chesed Head)
-Miss Krauss  (Production)