9th – Sefer Shemos
10th – Sefer Vayikra, Bamidbar
11th – Sefer Devarim
12th – Sefer Beraishis
Classes will be conducted with lectures, discussions and group work.

9th–10th The class will encompass the Parsha and focus on key Rashi’s.
Girls will work in groups to develop teacher guided textual skills.

Girls will also learn the Haftorah and its connection to the Parshas Hashavua.
Learning the Haftorah will be an effective means of gaining a broader knowledge of all Neviyim.

9th – Milachim bais, Sefer Yonah
10th – Yirmiyahu, Yeshayahu
11th – Trey Asar
12th – Yechezkel, Neviyim Rishonim

9th – Tehillim
10th – Mishlei, Megilas Esther
11th – Mishlei, Megilas Rus
12th – Shir Hashirim

Bnos Yaakov will stress understanding of Milim, proper pronunciation, and an inspiration of and attachment to tefilah. Girls will learn the origin and power of Shirah. Music lessons and songs will be woven throughout the teaching of Tehillim.

9th – Brias Haolam until Tekufas HaGeonim 10th – Medieval Jewish History 11th – Torah Personalities 12th – Churban Europa (Holocaust studies) and Nashim B’Tnach

The curriculum will include artifacts, pictures, interviews, period musical compositions, small group work, analyzing documents, preparing timelines and visits.

9th – 12th

9th – 12th
Chovos Halvanos, Mesilas Yesharim, Michtav M’Eliyahu

9th – 12th
Contemporary Jewish issues, principles of the Jewish woman and Jewish home

9th – 12th
Knowledge and skills of Lashon Hakodesh and Hebrew

Girls will learn to be fluent in Ivrit both orally and textually, which will aid them in learning all their other subjects easily.
All the literature used in the ,hrcg curriculum will also serve as means of imparting and inculcating vpeav and personal growth.

9th – 12th
Dinim, History and Machshava

A week before every Yom Tov, teachers in all grades teach a unit on the upcoming Yom Tov, deepening the girls’ knowledge and appreciation of the Yom Tov. All the grades learn and create projects on the same topic together, creating an atmosphere of achdus, friendship and simcha throughout the school!

9th – 12th
Girls are required to do chessed* during school time or on Sundays. Bnos Yaakov will hire a chessed coordinator who successfully matches each student to a chessed organization or program they feel comfortable with: special needs children, the elderly, tutoring, Packing for Bikur Cholim or Purim, children in hospitals, etc.

*Students needed at home can fulfill their chessed requirements through ‘in house’ chessed.