Throughout our education, Bnos Yaakov strives to develop a Bas Yisroel who:

  • Has self confidence, maturity and conducts herself proudly as a Bas Melech
  • Has gained a thorough, in-depth knowledge and appreciation of Limudei Kodesh
  • Has internalized her Torah education and is focused on improving and refining her character and bearing
  • Has gained an appreciation of a cheerful manner; an important quality to building lasting friendships and a happy, beautiful home
  • Has developed a love for Chessed, and giving and caring for others
  • Has acquired a genuine enthusiasm for learning as well as core learning strategies and excellent thinking skills
  • Has learned to be thoughtful, to be responsible, and to master challenges
  • Has developed several valuable workplace skills, such as creative thinking strategies, effective written and oral communication techniques, cooperative work habits, and knowledge of computers and finance.