It was amazing!!

What an absolutely, beautiful Production! It was professionally done, in every way… There was such Achdus among the girls… What an accomplishment! We were very impressed! May you continue to have Hatzlacha in everything that you do. We look forward to joining the Bnos Yaakov family, next year, IY”H. P.S. We would love to watch it again…Will you be distributing a DVD of the performance?
– Sora Schor and Chana Rochel

Raves for 2012 production of “The Remarkable Auntie Ruth”

Dear Mrs. Ungar, Mrs. Wrona, Mrs. Kofman, all the staff, and everyone I can’t name individually, WOW !! WOW !! I can’t stop saying it. Last nights production was AMAZING. Yes, the content and the acting were superb, but it was the achdus, the kavod, that the girls showed that really was on another madraiga. Just reading the Playbill, one clearly can see that you all have created a nurturing environment. One that allows for these girls to shine……no matter what her expertise is in, EVERY girl at Bnos Yaakov is a STAR. I wish every mother could feel the way I feel. My daughter is part of something magical (forgive the reference). She hasn’t finished 9th grade and I’m sad that one day she will be leaving this special, special, makom. But I am heartened to know when she leaves, she will be able to use the wings she grew and developed while she was a talmida of all of you to continue to soar, in whatever way Ha Kodesh Borochu has planned for her. Thank you to everyone for making Bnos Yaakov theeee most AMAZING place for a high school girl to be ( and her mom !! ) With brochos for continued success,
– Etti Mermelstein

Student at Bnos Yaakov

To Mrs. Ungar,

This is supposed to be a thank you letter, yet there are no words for me to be able to express my gratitude. How could I ever thank someone who has created the most amazing school, my home away from home, Bnos Yaakov. Here the principals really care and are involved in the students’ lives. Here the teachers don’t teach for the money, they teach with pure joy, with the hope of guiding us in the right direction. There is no other school where kids can talk, really talk with the principals, who are sincerely listening and trying to help. There is no other school where the students have such close bonds with their teachers. This year I actually loved coming to school each day. All the extracurricular activities and all the extra programs created the most amazing memories for life. I grew so much in one year, I felt like I was flying, soaring until eternity. It’s an indescribable feeling. I thank Hashem every day for this school, and I am so glad I made the decision to come here. I also wanted to thank you for teaching us life skills this year. I really, really enjoyed your class, and I gained a lot from it. I appreciated the hours of research and preparation it must have taken to prepare each lesson. I really took this subject seriously, and I improved my communication skills. I hope these lessons stay with me through marriage, kids, etc. Also, they say that actions speak louder than words and it is really true. At the beginning of the year, you spoke to us and you told a story of a girl from a broken home was who was heartbroken at being rejected by friends and girls in school. You felt so bad, you started crying. This impacted me way more than anything you could have ever said. It made me really want to include everyone and be more sensitive to others. It also showed me how caring and compassionate you are and how lucky we are to have you as our principal. Thank you for everything and I sincerely look forward to next year!
– Sincerely, G.N.
Comforting to know that there is always someone to talk to…

Dear Mrs. Ungar and Mrs. Wrona, Wow! We can’t believe the year is over! Baila has finished 9th grade! The way we feel, you would think she was our first daughter going through 9th grade when in actuality she is our 6th. We think the difference is that Bnos Yaakov has been such a different experience for both the parents and the students. It is all inclusive, with the school, the students, and the parents all being connected, all working together to accomplish the same goal – producing Bnos Yisroel who will grow both scholastically and in middos tovas. This is what you promised us, it wasn’t just talk – you’re really doing it! It is amazing and so comforting to know that there is always someone to talk to and who will really listen and work with us to help our Baila reach her highest potential. Words can’t even begin to express how much הכרת הטוב we feel for all that you have done for Baila this year. May Hashem repay you in every way with continued Hatzlacha and Brocha. If there is anything ever that we can do to help please don’t hesitate to let us know.
– Shlomo and Shayna Brown


Dear Mrs. Ungar, Mrs. Wrona, Miss Seebag and all our special Teachers, All we can say is WOW! AMAZING!, FANTASTIC, COMPELlIING and ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!!! And…. The best part was – you made every girl feel like a million dollars! We can’t thank you enough for the countless hours of hard work, which would tax anyone’s patience and ingenuity. It was definitely all very worth it!!! I’m sure this play’s venue and messages will reverberate far and wide.
– grateful parents

The year held more than we ever expected…

Dear Mrs. Wrona and Mrs. Ungar, Now that the first year of Bnos Yaakov is officially “history” we wanted to express some of our feelings. We want to tell you, as parents, how much we appreciated and noticed how much effort and כוחות went into the girls. The year held more than we ever expected. We have gone through quite a few girls high schools (we do have 6 girls) but we must tell you, we haven’t had such a great year and adjustment as we’ve had this year with Miriam. We found Miriam was so happy and content. Miriam made great friends and learned great lessons. The projects were unbelievable learning experiences, far better than any of the testing that is the norm. Not only did she learn from her projects but we promise you she actually had fun doing them! For all this and more, we thank you. We wish continued Hatzlocha for our future years, may they continue to go as smoothly and may we see much Nachas from our girls. Sincerely, Avrohom and Nadine Lidsky
– Avrohom and Nadine Lidsky

Thank you for all the wonderful work…

Dear Mrs. Ungar, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful work that you put into Rivky. The dedication and thought that goes into Bnos Yakov has paved the way for Rivky coming home with a smile every day. We look forward to the innovative ideas and ways that go into creating a true Bas Torah. Sincerely Yours,
– Eli and Channy Bakst

So much to thank you for, that I don’t know where to begin…

Dear Mrs. Ungar and Mrs. Wrona, There is so much to thank you for, that I don’t know where to begin, From the moment you accepted Chaya Sara into your school, with the recognition that her middos were more important than her grades, (even though they were also very good), I had such hope in my heart, that here was a high school that finally had the right chinuch. Well, this year far surpassed my highest expectations! Your unwavering confidence in her abilities and keen insights into what really brings out the best in each girl and makes them shine, was truly a propelling force for her. I also can’t thank you enough for choosing her for such responsible positions. When a person feels this worthy of ones trust, they have the push to live up to it, which she so happily did! The whole year was just amazing in every way. I’m so impressed by all the myriad details and connections of so many aspects of their studies! Last but not least, or perhaps more like last but most importantly, are all the special, warm, caring and understanding beautiful role models you are as teachers, for when all is said and done, that’s who they will hopefully learn, emulate and aspire, to the most. Our deepest thanks again for the depths of your concern for her growth as well as the entire school! Sincerely,
– The Grubers

My daughter and her friends cant wait to go to school…

Dear Mrs. Ungar, Mrs. Wrona, and Staff, Thank you for all that you’ve done to create the kind of school that parents have always dreamed about. The fondest compliment I can give it is that my daughter and her friends can’t wait to go to school. May Hashem always bentch you with nachas, gezunt, and kol tove!
– The Ozurs

Each day she comes home inspired and happy…

Dear Mrs. Ungar and Mrs. Wrona, This letter is long overdue. What a year Rochel is having. She is blossoming ka”h so beautifully. Each day she comes home inspired and happy. Although she is a child with tremendous depth and perception, Bnos Yaakov as a whole, its teachers and especially both of you are continuing to inspire her and feed her neshama and mind in the most beautiful way possible. I can’t believe that this year is more than half over. We sent Rochel to Bnos Yaakov with high expectations, and we were not disappointed. On the contrary we are amazed more each day. During this week of testing, Rochel has brought home several friends to study with. Each of the girls who came impressed both my husband and myself with their midos, ehrlichkeit, good cheer and in general were real examples of students you can be proud of. One of the many positive impressions my husband, myself and Rochel have of Bnos Yaakov is that everybody from the esteemed Hanhala through the student body is very “real.” There is no pretense, not in chinuch and not socially. The sincerity of each and every teacher is apparent to both the girls and their parents. This is real chinuch, and this can only be accomplished when the principals running the school are that way. So again, a great big Yaasher Koach and may Hashem bentch both of you with continued success and nachas both from the school, as well as in your personal lives and families. With warmest feeling of gratitude,
– Gnesha Tauber

Thank you for the unbelievable Shabbos you gave the girls, and also for…

Dear Mrs. Ungar and Mrs. Wrona I have been wanting to write this note for a few days already, mainly to thank you for the unbelievable Shabbos you gave the girls, and also for last nights workshop. The Shabbos, to put it into Chaya Sora’s own words was “just amazing” every facet of the day/night was planned so beautifully and with much inspirational, as well as with meticulous and adorable details! From the challah baking through all the teachers coming in to share in the Kedusha and achdus that Shabbos brings. The whole experience only served to solidify the happy, giving and warm feeling among the girls and towards your special school. That brings one to the exciting and ‘optimistic’ program you discussed at the workshop. All I can really convey to you is how amazed and grateful I feel for your unique and insightful chinuch. You have made a school where a girl is not only able to grow in levels of learning and middos, but also in learning to know herself and where her true life potential and challenges lie. You have set the stage for a happy growing experience and we can’t thank you enough!!! May the Ribbono Shel Olom bentch you and all your efforts with tremendous hatzlocha – לזכות כלל ישראל Sincerely,
– an appreciative mother