The educational objective of Bnos Yaakov is to provide an enriched education for grades 9-12 that is based on academic excellence. While promoting the highest caliber of achievement, Bnos Yaakov focuses and directs its attention to the individual needs of each student. The Bnos Yaakov curriculum encompasses a diversified arena of subjects.

Throughout our education, Bnos Yaakov strives to develop a Bas Yisrael who:


Chinuch Habanos

The high school years are a time of tremendous growth, when young girls blossom into proud Bnos Yisrael. Bnos Yaakov considers it their privilege to aid parents in this worthwhile endeavor.

The following are some key educational principles that allow the Hebrew and English staff at Bnos Yaakov to achieve their goals:

A warm, caring, and positive school environment where our primary focus is the success and well-being of each student. There are opportunities for every student to accomplish and grow, using their abilities and talents in different areas.

Dynamic mechanchos and teachers, all wonderful role models for the students in both Bein Adom Lechavairo and Bein Adom Lemakom, who encourage and connect with each student.

Stimulating, inspirational and in-depth education. All educational experiences contain a combination of content, dynamic delivery and inspirational messages. All learning is applicable and teach a Derech Hachayim.