Course Descriptions – 9th Grade

Taught by Miss Ginsberg

"...אבל ראוי לך להתחיל בעת חזק שכלך והכרתך לעין בספר תורת האלקים וספרי נביאיו כמי שלא למד מהם אות" (חובות הלבבות) “..It is proper for you to, as your mind and awareness matures, begin to delve into the Torah of Hashem and the books of His Neviim, as one who has never learned a single letter..” (Duties of the Heart)

Taught by Mrs. Yormark

כל דור שלא נבנה בית המקדש בימיו כאילו נחר In every generation that the מקדש is not rebuilt it is as if it was destroyed in that generation.בימיו

Taught by Rabbi Schiffenbauer

Taught by Mrs. Miriam Groner

ספר תהלים​ is a magnificent compilation of דוד המלך poetic yearning and שירה that serves as a beacon of light throughout all the generations. ספר תהילים is a pillar to lean on and a source of great consolation to anyone in need. תהילים serves as an inspiration and guidance to those feeling gratitude, or paradoxically despair.

Taught by Mrs. Bracha Wrona, Menaheles

פרקי אבות is the only משניות in all of the ששה סדרי משנה that does not contain any הלכות. However, it is said that anyone who internalizes the teachings of אבות is a true חסיד. פרקי אבות is a collection of the philosophies that theתנאים lived with every day of their lives. The תנאים were trying to impart to all Jews in every generation how to keep the spirit of the law. For example, we all know about the fundamental מצוה of כיבוד אב ואם of חסד and giving to others. ר' ישמעא-ל in פרקי אבות gives us practical advice on how to accomplish those מצות. הוי מקבל את כל האדם בשמחה " ”

Taught by Miss Rivka Feldberger

Historia is more than the study of the history of the Jewish people; it is the study of the relationship between the Jews and Hashem. Through the learning of Historia we connect to our heritage, we recognize ourselves as a part of a greater whole, as a part of Klal Yisrael that has spanned the ages.

Taught by Mrs. Chana Sara Plotsker

פרשת השבוע still remains as a perfect timeless lesson for every Jewish person in every generation. From our Bubbies learning Tzenah U’reanah, to little cheder boys reviewing with their rebbe, to high school girls, or to mothers attending ongoing פרשה classes, there are endless depths to be plumbed in learning the פרשת השבוע. פרשה gives one a foundation and blueprint of our existence. Our vision is to instill in our girls the love & desire to open a חמוש & review the timeless messages of the פרשה every Shabbos.

Taught by Miss Athalia Brison

Knowing any language opens up new horizons for the person who masters it. But knowing עברית – Lashon Kodesh opens up for the learner many special gates: gates to understand Tefillah and have כוונה; gates to understand and love תורה, נביאים, כתובים; gates to communicate with Jews from all over the world; gates to אהבת ארץ ישראל, etc. It is through learning עברית that our students will א"ה develop, benefit from and enjoy all the above.

Taught by Mrs. Rhine

G.O/EXRACURRICULAR/CHESED/PRODUCTION In addition to academics, Bnos Yaakov believes in providing creative outlets for the girls to express themselves and develop in all areas. Towards this end, they believe in incorporating a strong G.O./Extracurricular presence in the school with opportunities for all girls to engage in activities, such as dance, music, art, drama, mini-productions, Shabbatons and chagigas.

Taught by Mrs. Baila Brach

When it comes to creating an entirely new subject one must look at what the subject is called and what it means. Derachim means Direction. It was created to give direction and guidance, to many things that happen within our day to day lives that can sometimes be overlooked. Derachim was created to promote self awareness, positive self growth, and to give a better understanding of what growth and healthy change is all about.