Taught by Miss Sari Mayer

Welcome to Studio Art! Contrary to what one might believe, a student does not have to be gifted with a unique talent in order to be able to draw. The purpose of this class is to give the students the skills they need in order to create their own original artwork, both in class and whenever they feel the desire to express themselves emotionally and creatively.


Art Skills

There are five basic skills of art; once those are learned, a student should be able to draw anything–be it a still life, portrait, landscape or abstract drawing.


In addition to the skills/projects listed above, each student completed several free form drawings originated in their take home art journals.

It is a pleasure to watch how art is demystified for the students and they all discover how everyone can draw if they learn the set skills proffered in art class. I am enjoying teaching the class; I love the girls’ enthusiasm and eagerness to create art. All of the girls have learned to draw and some have displayed outstanding talent!