Taught by Miss Sari Mayer

Welcome to the eleventh grade writing program. Our goal this year is to strengthen writing and critical thinking skills. The girls will work on an array of assignments, designed to invite discussion of different ideas and to push the limits of their creativity.

Writer’s Toolbox

Every writer needs certain tools to succeed:

•   Grammar

•   Vocabulary and Spelling

•   Writing Style

Each level of the writer’s toolbox is incorporated into the daily lesson plan. Students expand their vocabulary and spelling through words of the day, carefully selected from their readings and writings; specific lessons are set aside for Grammar, and each error in their writing is pointed out and explained; and students write every lesson, be it a longer assignment or a short writing prompt designed to stimulate their creative juices.

Writing Units

In order to be a successful writer, each student must read a lot, and write a lot. This year, the students will be working on different styles of writing:

•   Essays

•   Short Stories

•   Research Reports

Fall Semester

This semester, the students are working on essays. Each week, we read a sample essay to use as a model for the essay they will be working on. The thought-provoking sample essays also serve to introduce the students to celebrated authors and different modes of writing:

•   Narrative

•   Descriptive

•   Cause and Effect

•   Compare and Contrast

•   Argumentative