Math – Algebra

Taught by Mrs. Basya Berg

Algebra is the mathematical study of how to understand and represent problems, make generalizations about patterns, and use mathematical tools to communicate. While there is a component of symbol manipulation, its focus is on how to effectively use those symbols and tools to analyze different situations. Students will be guided to think equally about the “what does this mean” aspects of math, as well as on the “how to do it” aspects.



The 9th grade algebra curriculum at Bnos Yaakov has been developed in accordance with both the standards set by the New York State Department of Education as well as by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Students will develop their algebraic thinking skills by exploring, learning and practicing the following topics:


This course will involve using an increasing number of algebraic tools in a variety of problem solving situations. Since concepts accumulate rapidly, and mastery of each is imperative for continued understanding, it is important for your daughter to review consistently. There will be one major project, designed to employ the theoretical aspects of algebra in a real-life situation. In addition, there will be nightly homework assignments, weekly quizzes, and one or 2 mid-semester tests, as well as the major exam at the end of each term.