High School, A Time Of…

High School, A Time Of…
High school, a time of great energy, leaps of thinking, intense friendships, discovering your individualism, blending into a group.

A time of boundless confidence, yet constant self doubt, a time of endless studying and endless dreaming, a time to discover who you are, a time to examine your ideals, convictions and dreams. A time to stay up through the night, stretch your mind, push yourself to the limit.

A time to stand up for what you believe, think before you speak, gain true friends, gentle your nature, learn to be kind, give all people the benefit of the doubt, love doing favors, be respectful of your elders, and appreciate every moment of your life.

It’s a time to get close to Hashem, to study and love his Torah, to imitate his boundless chessed, to develop a love of tefillah and tehillim. It’s a time to appreciate the long complicated history of Bnei Yisroel, to learn the halochos of our Jewish nation, to comprehend and savor the gift of Shabbos, to study the hidden meaning of every unique Yom Tov, to plumb the wisdom of Mishlei, Megillos, Pirkei Avos, to emulate our teachers, to learn all about the meaning of life, to define our role as the royal daughters of the King. moment of your life.

It’s a time to integrate all the teachings of Torah, Tefillah, and mussar into our very being, to improve our character to the utmost and to become a true eved Hashem. moment of your life.

The years of young womanhood is a time of hope, idealism and belief in the ability to do just about anything. It’s a time, finally, to harness all those emotions and energies and create women of grace, wisdom, beauty and refinement. moment of your life.

–Mrs. M. Ungar moment of your life.