Course Descriptions – 11th Grade

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Taught by Miss Chani Gotlieb
Chemistry is everywhere around us: it's the air we breathe, the food we cook and eat, the clothes we wear, and the gadgets we use. All physical reality consists of matter, and almost all the objects in our personal surroundings have been made or modified through the use of chemical technology. The chemistry course at Bnos Yaakov not only gives basic knowledge of chemistry principles, but also highlights an understanding of the practical applications of chemistry to everyday life. It aims to explain the natural world, prepare students for career opportunities and produce informed citizens.
Taught by Mrs. Basya Berg
11th grade Algebra is the mathematical study of how to understand and represent problems, make generalizations about patterns, and use mathematical tools to communicate. Trigonometry is the branch of math that studies triangles, and the relationships between their sides and angles. In this course, students will further strengthen their skills, preparing them for calculus or other college level math work. With an emphasis on problem solving and everyday applications, students’ work will focus on the conceptual foundations of mathematics.
Taught by Miss Sari Mayer
Welcome to the eleventh grade writing program. Our goal this year is to strengthen writing and critical thinking skills. The girls will work on an array of assignments, designed to invite discussion of different ideas and to push the limits of their creativity.